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Join Us: Kavli INsD Fellowships


To catalyse synergies between the different physical, engineering and biological activities, Kavli INsD funds short-term fellowships to cement interdisciplinary interactions. Kavli Fellowship applications are viewed favourably for those who wish to retrain in a different discipline. This is expected to be a longer-term process than for those remaining with the subject of their degree.

A key aspect of the Institute working environment is its ability to provide training and support to allow Fellows to transition to independent careers. As such, the Kavli program of mentorship extends to training on different equipment, on sample handling techniques as well as on soft skills including preparing experimental data, writing for publications, applying for funding, and honing presentation skills for different audiences.

Future applications will be announced here.


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It is important to us that everyone has access to our research in the Kavli INsD and we enjoy speaking about the Institute and our work.

We host guests, speak at schools, present at science festivals and continue to seek ways in which we can make our research available to the public. For more information email us.


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Your willingness to support scientific research is highly appreciated.

If you are interested in supporting the Kavli INsD, or require further information about our research please contact: 
Kavli Institute for Nanoscience Discovery at


Fred Kavli quote: you have to support research even though you may not know exactly what the benefits will be in the long run